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About Us

Hello and welcome to our fresh new website.

Smiths Office Solutions (SOS) is a company which specialises in supply and servicing of office technology solutions comprising of hardware and software to automate your office processes. We take pride in being focussed on quality and affordability whilst tailoring our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Kind regards, Glenn Smith – Managing Director

Consultative Partnership

Through experience we know that each of our clients know their business better than anyone else. SOS is the same, since 1979 our business has developed through researching, sourcing, customising, supplying and maintaining technology solutions that deliver measurable benefits to our clients. We therefore understand that in order to match the right solutions to your needs we need to better understand your particular organisation and processes. Through this discovery process we are able to quantify your current investment of time and money to achieve your current business outcomes. This allows us to establish a framework of engagement and select the right solution(s) for your organisation and, furthermore, within your budget.

Our typical clients range from small business to large enterprises and they all want to focus more time on their core business by streamlining their processes or costs. Lets face it, administration, printing, filing and IT are rarely core functions for any organisation but they are a necessary evil. By contacting SOS, and meeting with one of our solutions consultants, you will benefit from our complimentary consultative process. We invest time to better understand your organisation and current processes thereby enabling us to identify improvement opportunities for your organisation. These opportunities typically take the form of products or services that either reduce costs or streamline your processes; thus free-up your time to focus on your core business. If from this initial meeting we are unable to identify any real benefits to proceed further with we will simply leave our details for when your organisation may next need something from our portfolio. If however improvement opportunities are identified we will work with you to deliver options that fit your organisation.

Call us on (02) 6025 6322 or email to get your free office efficiency analysis now.

We are proud to show off our revamped identity and invite you to view our new logo sequence. Already implemented on all videos on this site, and over time, you will see either version appear in 3rd party online videos, TV commercials and/or cinematic advertisements. We would truly love to receive your feedback and find out if we, for the better words, ‘hit the mark’ with our all-new look. What you are about to view is the 720p quality version.