Client Engagement Process

The team at SOS has a wide range of technology solutions that deliver time and cost efficiencies when applied correctly to suit our clients specific needs. As every client is different, there is no “one fits all” solution that can be applied for everyone. Additionally, we understand that our typical clients aren’t really interested in seeking technology solutions but they are interested in the results or outcomes that can be achieved. The value of any solution can only be determined if there is a way to compare current results or costs with proposed results or required investment.

It for this reason that SOS engages with our clients and potential clients with a structured process. The process is simple, painless, obligation free and ensures both SOS and the client understand how the current system or process is operating now and then determining how that looks in a current “cost of operation”. SOS can then determine if there is a currently available technology solution that will fit your specific needs and budgetary requirements. After consulting with our wide range of manufacturers and technology partners, if there is such a solution, we will present it with an agreed method of measuring the results if you go ahead. This ensures client satisfaction and a results or outcomes focus to any solution we put forward. If there isn’t a viable solution at this time, we will still present these findings and we will seek to engage you again in the future as technology progresses.

Below is a graphical representation of our high level engagement process and link to supporting video presentation. We trust this is of interest to you and we welcome the opportunity to meet and perform a 30 minute discovery meeting to determine if there is value in starting our technology matching process.


Watch our supporting video “Client Engagement & Technology Matching”