get the ultimate in Binding Machines

We have a complete range of Binding Machines – Plastic Comb, Wire, Thermal & Electric Binders. If you are looking for office use binders, or if you have high use binding requirements then check out our range or contact us and we will help you select the best binding machines to meet your requirements. We are a leading supplier to schools, government agencies and businesses Australia wide. All binders come with solid warranties and we will organise quickly a repair, replacement or refund for you depending on issue. Our range of binders includes:

QUPA S68 Comb Binder

The Qupa S68 Comb Binder is a great small office and home office plastic comb binding machine which punches up to 20 sheets and binds up to 500 sheets of paper into plastic coils. It also has diengagable punches and adjustive 7 pieces of pill-push pins to giev you great er felxibility on where you would like to punch and make binding holes on the work you are looking to bind. As well as these great features you will find the Qupa S68 has adjustable margins and an all-metal construction to ensure it lasts a long time!

Qupa S68 Comb Binder Features:

  • All metal construction
  • Punches up to 20 sheets
  • Bind up to 500 sheets
  • Disengagable punches
  • Adjustable margins
  • Adjustable margin depth
  • Separate handle for comb opening
  • Adjustive 7 pieces of pull-push pins
  • Large wastepaper box
  • Available for plastic comb and quick binder
  • Weight- 9.5 Kgs
  • Dimensions- 43.5x31x20 cm

Qupa D160 Electric Plastic Comb Binding Machine

The Qupa D160 is an all-metal heavy-duty electric comb binding machine. Easy to use, it makes light work of creating bound documents. The large flat working area makes it easy to align the pages ready for punching, while the comb is open ready for the punched sheets creating a very productive work centre. It creates professional-looking documents and perfect for medium to large offices.

Electric paper punch and manual comb opener/closer.

  • Suitable for both 20R and 21R combs
  • Closes all comb sizes from 6mm to 51mm
  • Punch Capacity: up to 25 sheets (80gsm)
  • Document Capacity: binds up to 450 sheets
  • Disengageable pins for easy binding of custom size documents
  • Adjustable margins
  • Separate handle to pre-open combs