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Document Management

Everyone these days has heard catch phrases like “Paperless Office”, “Electronic Document Management”, “The Cloud”, “Electronic Processing” and many many more. The reality is, very few people understand how or why to apply these technologies to your business or organisation and more importantly, where to go for objective information relative to them.

No matter how small or large your organisation, there are many benefits to be realised through use of our technology solutions and services. Take a moment to check the list of common challenges in many organisations that can be dramatically improved by a solution or service from SOS;

•  Large amounts of paper records stored in cabinets and boxes either onsite or offsite

•  Frequent requests by clients or staff where physical records have to be found and retrieved and referenced

•  Lots of inbound or outbound snail mail

•  Difficulty in finding or even losing your records

•  Scanning through multi-function devices

•  Referencing plans, maps, books or even microfilm or microfiche records

•  Capturing and entering information from analogue material into an electronic system

•  Managing and distributing electronic and analogue information

SOS in partnership with our sister company InoTec Pty Ltd have a wealth of experience in small and large scale projects and solutions in this field. We will work with you to determine the following;

•  How you currently manage your documents and essential information

•  What area of work or administration represents the largest challenge in either processing time or cost

•  How this task is performed, recorded, accessed, retrieved and distributed

•  What processes, software and hardware you have and is it being utilised in an effective manner

•  Your specific list of priorities for improving internal and external processes

•  Quantify your current investment in time and money to continue in the current manner

•  Identifying improvement opportunities to make staff more productive and deliver better customer service

•  Recommended solutions to deliver your desired outcomes with a focus on productivity gains and reduced overheads

•  Quantify the impact of the proposed solution in time and money

No matter how small or large your organisation, there are many benefits to be realised through use of our technology solutions and services. Just some of our products and services are;

•  Scanning and indexing services

•  Hire of mobile scanning platforms

•  Sales or rental of scanners

•  Image capture and indexing software

•  Archive management and workflow software solutions

•  Document destruction services or hardware

•  Data Security services, software or hardware

•  Software integration services

•  Business process re-engineering

•  Electronic mailroom solutions

To inquire about our services or to book a consultation please contact our office by email or phone.