get the ultimate in document and paper laminating machines

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of records, flyers and reports. Our pouch laminators turn everyday paper documents into attractive and long-lasting pieces. Choose from a range of small and large format pouch laminators. All models boast a tough, robust construction for year-after-year performance. They also feature LED displays and multi-functional control for both hot and cold laminating. Our range of laminators includes:

Rynak Commercial 800mm Wide Roll Laminator

For the commercial printer colour copy shop or service provider, the commercial series roll laminators handle the heavy duty demand required for items up to 800mm wide.


  • 800mm wide
  • Rear cut off knife
  • Emergency stop button
  • continuous feeding
  • Teflon coated heat shoes
  • Large easy load mounting tray


  • Maximum laminate size: 800mm
  • Rollers: EPDM Rubber
  • Laminating speed: 0 – 5 Meters per minute
  • Maximum temperature: 170 °C
  • Variable speed: Yes
  • Rear cut off knife: Included
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Options: Fans, foot switch, mobile trolly, heater bar cover

Laminators & Laminating Film

Pouch Laminators and roll laminators suitable for all applications, office laminators, school laminators print room laminators, Protect, Preserve and Enhance your documents with one of many Laminators carried by PHE.

Gold Sovereign pouch laminating machines, from A4 to A3 in 2 roller 4 roller and 6 roller for the office or the commercial print shop, roll laminators 800mm wide and 1000mmm wide for the school or print shop.

Gold Soverign Intelligent High Speed Laminator A3

Intelligent lamination, the GSA3 HS INT is exactly that, whatever your requirements the Gold Sovereign Intelligent will select the correct speed the temperature to produce the perfect laminated article every time, even if the item is fed incorrectly the intelligent will automatically reverse. With the added benefit of auto off after 30 minutes of non-use meaning its safe and also power saving

  • Quick warm time of 60 seconds
  • High speed laminator 2100mm per minute
  • Auto or manual temperature control to suit pouches from 80 to 250 micron
  • 6 Rollers
  • Auto shut down after 30 minutes of non use
  • Anti jam function with auto reverse
  • Laminates all sizes up to A3
  • Photographic laminator suitable for all photos and digital copies

Gold Sovereign A3 Variable Temperature Laminator

  • School or Office Laminator, this is the latest in technology Quick warm up, fast lamination, non jam feature, and auto shutdown safety after non use – Simple Quick and Easy
  • Quick warm time of 60 seconds
  • High speed laminator 500mm per minute
  • Variable temperature to suit pouches from 80 to 175 micron
  • 4 rollers to ensure quality laminating
  • Auto shut down after 30 minutes of non use
  • Anti jam function
  • Laminates all sizes up to A3
  • Reverse function to clear incorrectly fed pouches
  • Photographic laminator suitable for all photo’s

Gold Sovereign Action A4 Laminator

The Gold Sovereign A4 Action laminator is a machine that offers fast, smooth, and simple operation for vibrancy, protection, and easy clean of important documents. Perfect for the home or small office.

  • Laminates: ID to A4 pouches
  • Maximum laminating width: 230mm
  • Maximum speed: 310mm per minute
  • Roller release allows removal of incorrect fed pouches
  • Preset speed and temperature