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SOS has the most flexible and transparent managed print offering on the market and we welcome the opportunity to start the discovery process with your organisation regardless how small or large. Call (02) 6025 6322 to book your obligation free appointment.

Managed Services have typically been utilised by large companies or government organisations to outsource different areas of their operations such as IT infrastructure, print, inbound and outbound mail, document management and desktop services.

The range of Managed Services options available today is limitless but it is not easy for the uninitiated to navigate all the options, pros and cons. These services allow the client to focus on their core business while deriving benefits from process improvements and in a lot of cases, reduced costs.

Until now, availability of Managed Services for small and medium size organisations at a viable level of investment has been extremely limited. SOS as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is uniquely positioned to deliver your organisation a range of Managed Services in either fully outsourced, insourced or a blend of the two, the choice is yours.

Each of our offerings are focused on common core business practices and represent excellent returns on investment for sole traders through to multi-national corporations.

It all starts with our discovery process!

Book your complimentary 30 minute meeting for an Office Efficiency Analysis at your site with one of our solutions consultants. During this first meeting we will identify your specific requirements and determine if there are opportunities for your organisation to benefit from improved technology products or services in those areas.

If you decide to go further we will perform a more detailed audit of the specific process or area and deliver the results for your consideration. If there is a solution that will meet your requirements and within your specified budget we will put it forward, if not, all we ask is to be included when next you are reviewing needs that may be in our portfolio.

As a Managed Service Provider, SOS delivers a wide range of solutions and managed services to meet your needs in three main areas of your operations;

  • Internal Print Production & Outbound Communications
  • Cloud Based Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and IT hardware support to migrate your operations into a safe secure cloud environment
  • Digitisation and data extraction services to route inbound communications into document management systems or workflows customised to your operations

The core aspects of a Managed Print Environment (MPE) are defined as:

  • Management information with consolidated billing
  • Proactive maintenance of the equipment fleet
  • Ongoing optimisation of the environment throughout the contract life

Software applications used in MPE fall into one of four categories:

  • Print Management software to manage the volume and nature of print
  • Device Management software to monitor and manage the print devices in an environment
  • Discovery and Design Software to analyse and plan for the change required in implementing an MPE system.
  • Imaging software to route scans and deal with non-printed electronic documents

The top reasons why clients engage in M.P.S.

Internal staff are too expensive, time poor or not capable of providing these services.

  • A desire for one predictable monthly charge for all services and flexible billing options from one supplier.
  • A desire to reduce costs and optimise the environment.
  • A desire to consolidate the environment under one agreement.
  • A desire to have support and services of the environment under one contract.
  • A desire to have flexibility and transparency so the agreement can match changing needs

WARNING – Not all Managed Print Services or Environments are the same

When choosing a partner for managed print services be aware of some of the common traps, be sure to check the following when assessing Managed Print Services;

  • Can you add and remove equipment from the agreement without penalty or having to pay out and then re-finance the whole agreement?
  • If you pay for an “average” amount of prints per month, what happens when you go over or under this average and who keeps the service component paid for prints you didn’t produce (when doing less than the agreed average)?
  • What is the “payout” or balance of your old finance agreements that is being “rolled in” or re-financed with your new agreement?
  • Will the service provider manage your existing print devices or do they just want you to change them all over to their brand of choice?
  • Can you change the terms of your agreement as your needs change?
  • What happens if your volume of prints increases and your devices can’t cope, do you have to keep them for the whole period term of the contract?