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We have the solution for every business and requirement – fast, secure and compliant shredding. Drop in and speak to one of our sales team today about getting the right shredder. Our range of shredders includes:

HIPAA Compliant Shredders

Not all shredders are created equal. While medical documents are often handled in an office setting, typical office shredders are not appropriate for disposing of patient information and medical records. All PII (personally identifying information) and protected health information (PHI), even including patient sign-in sheets, must be disposed of using HIPAA-compliant shredders.

While HIPAA does not give specific guidelines for identifying suitable shredders, the HHS has indicated that proper document destruction in a manner that complies with HIPAA requires that the documents be “rendered essentially unreadable” so that it “cannot be reconstructed.” To ensure this level of destruction, it is absolutely necessary to choose a cross-cut shredder that produces extremely small shred particles. Any of our many HIPAA compliant shredders will allow you to dispose of medical records in a secure manner that protects both your organization and your patients.

Top Secret Security Shredders

For many years, intimus has been the first choice for the DOD, DOS, and many other US and world agencies which handle classified and top secret documents. We offer a variety of shredders which meet the requirements for Security Level 6/P-7 shredders, and are included on the NSA Evaluated Products List. Our Level 6/P-7 shredders currently offer the highest possible level of security—only shredders which satisfy these requirements can be used to destroy all classified documents, including those classified Secret and Top Secret.

If your organization handles and disposes of extremely sensitive and classified data, our high security shredders should be part of your first line of defense against accidental data leaks and document recovery. Our Level 6/P-7 shredders are ideal for disposing of all classified documents, including Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, Communications Secure (COMSEC), Special Access Programs (SAP), and more.

Large Capacity Industrial Shredders

Large organizations which handle hundreds of thousands of printed documents have data disposal needs that outstrip the capabilities of conventional shredding products. This is why mobile shred truck services have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, these shredding services are extremely expensive, and rely upon industrial shredders which produce very large shreds that can be easily reconstructed.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of large capacity industrial shredders, including our XL and XLM products. Our industrial shredders offer the speed and throughput necessary to handle the shredding needs of corporations, government offices, non-profits, and other organizations which dispose of thousands of pounds of documents on a yearly, monthly, or even weekly basis. The XL, XLM, and other industrial shredding products offer the opportunity to eliminate the ongoing cost of third-party shredding services, and in many cases even create new revenue sources by selling shredded documents to recyclers.

Office Shredders

While intimus specializes in creating top security and high volume document shredding solutions, the vast majority of document shredding is handled in office environments with limited space. Office workers demand the ability to shred their sensitive documents and get back to work quickly without disrupting their colleagues with unnecessary noise.

That’s why we proudly offer a full selection of shredders designed for office use that will work quickly and quietly, without taking up space or getting in the way. Our office shredders start as small as a footprint of 13.8 by 10.6 inches, just over one square foot. And for those who need the best of all worlds—small size, quiet operation, fast speed, and high security—the 45 CP7 has it all in a footprint of only 1.9 square feet, and standing just over 2 feet tall. With intimus, you don’t have to compromise. You can find the shredder that exactly fits your needs.