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Colour Multi Functional Devices

Print in speeds of up to 65 pages per minute in full colour and 75 pages per minute in B&W.
Enjoy amazing scans speed of up to 77 scan per minute.

More than ever, consumers look to products from suppliers that are the result of an ‘end to end’ design culture where the ultimate recycling of the product is a significant component of the design and manufacturing process. Our full colour MFDs deliver accelerated productivity with environmental harmony like never before. Delivering up to 65 pages per minute with unsurpassed clarity in colour and 75 pages per minute in B&W, intuitive one-touch access is one of many hallmark features to enhance operator interactivity.

Our new range of Toshiba MFD’s break the boundaries in image quality and dependability. Vivid images are produced in crisp 1200dpi resolution thanks to Toshiba’s new formula toner and self-refreshing developer technology.

In spite of what some may say to the contrary, increased environmental awareness has been good business for businesses. By implementing purchasing policies that favour environmentally friendly office products, businesses can save on electricity, cut paper costs, reduce waste and even increase productivity. Making a commitment to ‘Green Up’ your organisation also gives you the added satisfaction of knowing you are making a contribution to the future of our planet.

View the video of the world’s first MFD to produce erasable copies and allowing companies to recycle the paper, the Toshiba eStudio 306LP.


The Toshiba eStudio 306LP saved Pilot Pen, one of the world’s leading pen manufacturers, over 80% in paper costs. View the video to hear what they have to say about using the Toshiba 306LP.