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Fax Machines

Although the functionality is gradually being replaced by computer based software, facsimile machines still have a place in most if not all business.

With the Internet and e-mail most documents can be sent over equally long or greater distances even in a shorter amount of time, and even sent to multiple parties at once. But fax remains the de facto standard for sending signed contracts between various parties. Despite the fact that e-mail is easier to use and is something anyone with a computer and a phone line has access to, fax remains the way that most contracts are sent when a signature is required.

One argument is that you didn’t technically “sign” the document, but the other argument is anything short of an original signed document – including a facsimile – isn’t technically a “signed” document either.

As for internet based fax services, most still require users to scan documents and then send it via e-mail, which in turn arrives on the other end as a fax. If you have to go that far, why not just send them via e-mail in the first place? The fax machine isn’t dead but then the question arises of which model is suited best.

Smiths Office Solutions offers a range of facsimile technologies to suit your application, some of which have excellent export and process capabilities. Call us on (02) 6025 6322 to discuss your requirements.