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Point Of Sales Systems (POS)

Toshiba’s Retail Solution Business Group developed retail hardened POS solutions that overcome the many challenges faced in managing today’s retail business.

How important is Peace of Mind?
Toshiba is committed to offering point-of-sale (POS) platforms that are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the demands of the specialty retail market.
They understand the needs of every retailer and focus on providing POS systems that are reliable, durable and can operate under extreme conditions.

The Toshiba concept of retail hardened represents more than three decades of experience accumulated by their teams, working side-by-side with a variety of end-users, in a wide range of retail environments. Toshiba POS system units and peripherals meet extremely high standards. These standards often exceed accepted PC industry requirements.

Nine reasons why you should consider TOSHIBA retail point-of-sale solutions
1. Internationally trusted brand with proven reliability and quality for over 60 years.
2. Extensive range of price points and form factors, all providing excellent value for money.
3. Toshiba designs and manufacturers its own Toshiba branded POS hardware.
4. Seven years spare parts availability after production ceases.
5. Easy low-cost maintenance design.
6. Nation-wide hardware and software support.
7. Extended manufacturer’s warranty available.
8. In-house financing packages available.
9. Toshiba produces environmentally friendly true green POS systems.

With the right barcode system you can save you money, time and reduce (human) errors. Data from scanned Toshiba barcode labels can work as input device with Toshiba Point Of Sale equipment (POS) thus providing you with an comprehensive inventory and billing system.