get the ultimate in Software Systems for your business

SOS and Toshiba’s software solutions will help you save money, better manage documents and secure critical information.

Our specialists will assess how documents are used in your organisation and develop long-term improvement strategies for you, incorporating software that helps you capture, manage, deliver and secure your documents. Our range of software systems includes:

PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is an enterprise software solution allowing you to easily manage your print assets, collect usage data by location and device, identify inefficiencies and implement cost recovery strategies.

  • Track and control Multifunction Device (MFD) and printer usage
  • Securely print documents on any networked device
  • Save money and resources by eliminating paper waste

e-BRIDGE Global Print

While some individuals work from an office, others prefer the efficiency of their homes, and many remain constantly on the move. As work increasingly spans multiple locations, having a printing solution that unifies teams becomes imperative. With e-BRIDGE Global Print, this need is met effortlessly, ensuring secure printing from any location and enhancing productivity for all, regardless of their workspace.

  • Easily send print jobs to the cloud
  • Authenticate using the most up-to-date security protocols
  • Safely retrieve documents as needed
  • Access valuable productivity and cost-saving analytics
  • Remove the challenges of network-based models
  • Attain more with simplicity and security
  • Hosted in Australian Data Centres

PaperCut Hive

PaperCut Hive, with its serverless printing, makes printing simple again. Users print from any device to a single print queue and securely release their print job using their mobile phone or the MFP/MFD’s touchscreen. Simple.

  • Cloud-native, fully embedded print management
  • End to End security with “zero trust” approach
  • Print from any device to any printer in seconds
  • No more management of print drivers
  • Convenient print release options including touch free
  • Simple and quick on-boarding for users and guests
  • Business insights and reporting
  • Direct scan to and print from your favourite cloud application

e-BRIDGE Capture & Store

Flexible document capture platform that integrates with your existing information systems to create one-touch scanning workflows, from the panel of your multifunctional device.

  • Capture, analyse and process information in emails, faxes and scanned documents
  • Extract text, marks and barcodes, convert to searchable formats and distribute
  • Create dynamic workflows integrated to document systems and corporate file servers


ELO is a multi award-winning electronic content management suite (ECM) which enables organisations to take control of their digital documents, records and business processes.

  • Document and records management, collaboration, and workflow, all from one platform
  • Highly-scalable, from a single user to large enterprises
  • Integrate with your ERP, CRM, desktop office and email applications

Forms and label printing

Variable Forms and Label design software is a necessity for any business that is producing and manufacturing products – whether it is your first set-up or streamlining existing fleets and processes. Selecting the right program can be tricky as forms and label needs vary across businesses.

For this exact reason, BarTender is a global leader. Intuitive software, from small business right through to enterprise-level, get empowered to have flexibility, traceability and easy labelling – at the touch of a button.

  • Easy design and printing of forms, documents, barcodes, labels, cards, and RFID tags
  • Variable data printing from spreadsheets, databases and ERP systems
  • Automated and conditional printing for documents and labels

Multi-Station Print

Toshiba’s Multi-Station Print solution delivers many features and benefits. Conveniently print from any MFD, and change print settings and print again.

  • Reduce print waste by only printing what you ultimately require
  • Provides security without leaving documents in the output tray
  • Eliminates print servers and reduces maintenance costs

Cloud Fax

An online, Australian cloud-based fax service that’s a perfect way to replace your old and expensive fax machine and hardware, without the need for a dedicated fax line.

  • The #1 choice for businesses who need to send and receive faxes online, via email, the internet and mobile, with the highest possible security and privacy.
  • For large businesses with multiple sites, it is a cost effective way to consolidate and simplify the management of fax in your business, by removing costly fax hardware and dedicated lines.
  • Keep your confidential faxes from sitting on a communal fax machine; route classified information to the correct recipient, electronically. Fax transmission are encrypted and verification reports are retained securely online.
  • Government approved: cloud infrastructure and databases are located on-shore within Australia, in secure co-locations.