ISO Solutions Touch-less temperature check station and Air Purifier

SOS is now introducing ‘ISO Solutions’. ISO Solutions is a line of products provided by your local team at Smith’s Office Solutions, these products include a Touch-less Temperature Checking Station and an Air Purifier (The AP80 & AP140 PRO). Through the introduction of these products we are striving to assist businesses and individuals with the next level of technology to aid managing infection control.

ISO Solutions Touch-less Temperature Check Station

ISO Solutions Touch-less Temperature Check Station helps to create healthy spaces so your organisation can thrive. Customers, employees, visitors and students will have greater comfort knowing that ISO Solutions is assisting to protect them while they are in your space. ISO Solutions Touch-less Temperature Check Station is a non-contact, fast, accurate and easy to use thermal screening tool. It is a first-line measurement system that detects skin surface temperature, and alerts when skin temperature exceeds the normal threshold.

How does it work?

ISO Solution’s Smart Thermal Detector uses an anti-glare display with integrated HD camera, thermal and distance sensors plus environmental thermometer to deliver an accurate and consistent reading every time eliminating human error with absolute privacy. When a person whose body temperature is abnormally high (Above 37.3 degrees), the device will immediately send an alert and capture an image, which can promptly alert staff for further action. The Touch-less Temperature Checking Station takes only two seconds to scan an individual’s temperature, with distance detection from 10cm – 30cm.

Why a Touch-less Temperature Check Station?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new normal of hand sanitising, desk distancing and temperature checks are the minimum recommended measures for infection control being implemented in work environments. Reducing anxiety in the workforce is important and companies are required to protect their workplace from infection. Having a touch-less temperature check station allows offices to detect abnormal temperatures to better manage infection control and limit the spread of unwanted germs. Compared with handheld thermometers, the touch-less temperature check station is a more effective solution as a staff member is not required to operate the check station or move within the 1.5m social distancing bubble, therefore no individual is put at risk and you will reduce ongoing costs while improving productivity.


Benefits of the ISO Solution’s Touch-less Temperature Check Station


ISO Solutions touch-less temperature check station can be easily mounted in a variety of environments.

Available mounting options:

  • Pole Stand
  • Desktop mounts
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